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What is Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza? How To Make the Best Deep Dish Pizza?


Chicago's culinary scene boasts a vibrant tapestry of flavors, but few dishes are as iconic and beloved as Chicago-style deep dish pizza. This isn't your average slice – it's a hearty, layered masterpiece that transcends mere pizza and enters the realm of culinary experience. Imagine a deep-dish cake pan overflowing with a symphony of textures and tastes. A buttery, flaky crust rises high above the rim, cradling a rich and savory world within. Generous layers of gooey cheese mingle with savory fillings like sausage or vegetables, and a chunky tomato sauce blankets the top like a rustic crown. It's a pizza unlike any other, meant to be savored with a fork and knife, and each bite promises an explosion of flavor and indulgence.

What is Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza?

Chicago-style deep dish pizza is a feast for the senses, built in a deep-dish pan. A golden, buttery crust forms a fortress-like base. Inside, a luxurious layer of gooey cheese lays the foundation, followed by a symphony of savory fillings like sausage or tempting vegetables. A chunky tomato sauce, bursting with rustic charm, completes this textural and flavorful masterpiece, blanketing the top.

History of Deep Dish Pizza

Deep-dish pizza's origins are nestled in the heart of Chicago. While the exact inventor remains a subject of friendly debate, there's no denying that Pizzeria Uno played a pivotal role in its creation. Established in 1943, the restaurant (originally known as The Pizzeria and then Pizzeria Riccardo) experimented with a thicker crust and layered ingredients, paving the way for what we now know as Chicago deep dish. Some credit Pizzeria Uno's founder Ike Sewell with this culinary innovation, while others point to pizza chef Rudy Malnati and/or cook Alice May Redmond as the masterminds behind the deep-dish masterpiece. Regardless of who gets the top billing, Pizzeria Uno's legacy is undeniable – it's where Chicago deep dish pizza began its journey from a neighbourhood favorite to a national icon.

The story of deep dish doesn't end at Pizzeria Uno. In 1954, the Original Gino's Pizza entered the scene, further popularizing the deep-dish style. When Gino's East opened its doors in 1966, they brought on board Alice May Redmond and her sister Ruth Hadley, solidifying their place in deep-dish history. Today, Gino's East remains a beloved destination for deep-dish aficionados.

Over the years, Chicago's deep-dish landscape flourished with the emergence of more iconic restaurants. Connie's, Edwardo's, Pizano's (founded by Rudy Malnati's son, Rudy Jr.), and Lou Malnati's (established by Rudy Malnati's son from his first marriage, Lou, and currently run by his grandsons) all added their unique flair to the deep-dish tradition, making Chicago a true haven for deep-dish pizza lovers.

How to Make the Best Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza?

Chicago's deep-dish pizza is a unique experience, and achieving its greatness requires understanding its distinct features. Here's a breakdown to help you craft the perfect pie:

The Signature Dough:

  • Wheat and Semolina: The base flour is a combination of wheat and sometimes semolina flour, giving the crust its characteristic yellowish hue.

  • Buttery Goodness: Corn oil or butter adds richness and creates a delightful, biscuit-like texture.

The Pan and the Press:

  • Deep Dish Pan: A round, high-sided steel pan, similar to a cake or pie pan, is essential for containing the generous fillings.

  • Building the Basin: The dough is generously pressed up the sides of the pan, forming a deep basin to cradle the delicious layers of cheese and pizza toppings.

  • Oiling Up: Oiling the pan allows for easy removal of the pizza after baking and contributes to a beautifully fried effect on the crust's edges.

The Inverted Layers:

  • Cheese First: Unlike traditional pizzas, Chicago deep-dish flips the order. A layer of cheese (often shredded mozzarella) goes in first to prevent burning during the extended cooking time.

  • Meat and Veggies: Next comes your choice of fillings – Italian sausage is a classic, but pepperoni, vegetables, or anything you crave works!

  • The Chunky Crown: Finally, a generous layer of chunky, uncooked tomato sauce, typically made from crushed canned tomatoes, tops it all off.

Baking and Beyond:

  • Deep-Dish vs. Stuffed Pizza: While similar, deep-dish doesn't have a top layer of dough like stuffed pizza. Stuffed pizza also uses canola oil for a flakier crust.

Tips for Success:

  • Blind Bake (Optional): For an extra crispy crust, consider blind baking the dough for a few minutes before adding the fillings.

  • Thicken the Sauce (Optional): Simmering your tomato sauce can help reduce moisture and prevent a soggy center.

  • Sharp Knife, Steady Hand: When slicing, use a sharp knife and a sawing motion to conquer the thick pizza.

By following these steps and incorporating the helpful tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming a home-style Chicago deep-dish pizzaiolo!

What Makes It Special?

Chicago deep dish pizza is a celebration of indulgence. The thick, buttery crust provides a textural contrast to the gooey cheese and rich sauce. Each bite is an explosion of flavor and texture, making it a truly unique pizza experience. Beyond its taste, Chicago deep dish pizza offers a sense of comfort and satisfaction. It's perfect for sharing with friends and family, and the generous portions ensure everyone leaves happy.

Why is Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza So Good?

There's more to Chicago deep dish than just its impressive size and hearty ingredients. The unique layering of flavors creates a truly unforgettable experience. The buttery crust acts as a foundation, holding all the other elements together. The gooey cheese stretches with every bite, blanketing the savory fillings and creating a symphony of textures. Finally, the chunky tomato sauce adds a burst of acidity that cuts through the richness, leaving you wanting more.

Stuffed Pizza Vs. Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

While often confused, there's a subtle difference between Chicago deep dish and stuffed pizza. Here's a quick comparison to clear up the confusion between Chicago deep dish and stuffed pizza:


  • Deep Dish: Single, thick crust pressed up the sides of the pan.

  • Stuffed Pizza: Double crust - one forms the base, the other acts as a lid after fillings are added.


  • Deep Dish: Cheese layer on the bottom, followed by fillings (meat, veggies).

  • Stuffed Pizza: Fillings completely encased by dough before adding sauce.


  • Deep Dish: Chunky tomato sauce layered on top of all the fillings.

  • Stuffed Pizza: Sauce goes on the very top, after the additional dough lid is added.

Enjoy Chicago-Style Pizza And More With Suparossa

Suparossa, your one-stop shop for all things delicious, celebrates the art of Chicago-style pizza. From authentic deep dish to mouthwatering thin crust options, we offer a variety of pizzas to satisfy every craving. Explore our extensive menu online and discover a world of flavor possibilities .

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1. Is Chicago-style pizza the same as deep-dish?

In Chicago, "deep-dish" is synonymous with their signature style of pizza. However, Chicago also offers thin-crust tavern-style pizzas, which are a different experience altogether.

2. Does Chicago deep-dish pizza have sauce on top?

Yes, unlike traditional pizzas, Chicago deep dish features the sauce on top of the cheese layer.

3. How To Reheat Chicago Style Pizza?

Craving leftover deep dish? Skip the microwave! Pop those slices in the oven at 350°F (177°C) for 15-20 minutes. Spritz them with some water for extra crisp and melty cheese. Trust, your taste buds will thank you!


Chicago deep-dish pizza is a symphony of flavors and textures, a delightful journey for your taste buds. It's a dish meant for sharing, a centerpiece for gatherings, and a taste of Chicago history. But when you crave this experience without the work, Suparossa is here. We offer authentic Chicago deep-dish, crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional methods. And remember, Suparossa is always here to satisfy your deep dish cravings. Visit Suparossa to explore our menu and order online. Savor the Windy City classic – order your deep-dish today!

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