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Suparossa Chicago
4256 N Central Ave. Chicago, IL 60634

Tel: (773) 736-5828 Fax: (773) 736-1372

Delivery and Carryout

Mon - Thur: 10am to 12:30am

Fri & Sat: 10am to 2:00am

Sun: 10am to 12:30am


Suparossa logo Chicago

Do you love Suparossa? Many people do! We are a family run establishment with over 40 years of experience bringing mouth-watering Italian food and pizza to Chicago. We have locations across the Chicagoland area and our Suparossa menu focuses on authentic Italian cuisine, featuring beloved Chicago specialties that highlight our deep Chicago roots. Our menu offers a great value to our customers and features a variety of entrée, sandwich, and appetizer options, with both carryout and delivery available at our Central Avenue location.

Chicago Pizza

Chicago is famous for its food, and visitors to the city often arrive with a bucket list of items they want to try. Iconic foods such as Italian beef and Chicago style hot dogs always make the list, but the most famous food in Chicago is definitely pizza. The term Chicago style pizza most often describes deep-dish pizza, which features a thick crust with a high edge to hold in lots of cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and other pizza toppings. The term Chicago style pizza is also used to describe pan pizza and stuffed pizza, which feature slight variations on the crust. Pan pizza's crust is a bit softer and lighter than deep-dish pizza, while stuffed pizza adds an extra layer of crust in between the toppings. Chicagoans especially love their pizzas with Italian sausage, but other toppings like peperoni and spinach are also favorites. Rest assured that no matter what toppings you choose, a Chicago style pizza will leave you satisfied.

Best Pizza In Chicago

Chicago's restaurants offer many different types of pizza, in addition to deep-dish, pan, and stuffed. So no matter what you are craving, you can find the perfect pizza style to indulge in, including classic thin pizza, to Neapolitan style, to New York style, Detroit style and more. At Suparossa, we focus on crafting the perfect thin pizza, stuffed pizza and pan pizza, with house-made Italian sausage, fresh tomato sauce, and lots of yummy cheese. Recently, Suparossa won the title of 'Best Stuffed Pizza in Chicago', awarded by Steve Dolinsky, a local food reporter for ABC 7 Eyewitness News, in his latest book, Pizza City, USA. Stop by and try some of our heavenly pizza today!

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